Air Freshener


£1.50 with at least 75p to Comic Relief.

Freshen up your car with the lovely, long-lasting vanilla aroma from our Sport Relief air freshener.

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If you order before 10 January 2014 you should receive your items before 17 January 2014. After this date, we aim to deliver your goods to you within five working days from receipt of order, but please wait an additional two working days before querying your order.

Info and care

Vanilla-scented, double-sided card air freshener. Elastic hanger.
WARNINGS! This product is not intended as a toy, keep away from children. Hang freely without obscuring driving vision Do not hang product so that it can come to rest against surfaces such as radio or steering column. Do not rest on or lean this product against dashboards or any other surfaces.

Thanks to Sainsburys for helping to develop and support this product. Sport Relief wouldnt be the same without their long-term support.